What Keyboard Size Is Best For Gaming?

60%, TKL, Full-size, it all gets a bit confusing at times. If you are a casual gamer, you’d probably be happy with whatever can get you those frags. But, for the more serious gamers, knowing the best keyboard size for gaming can provide a distinct competitive advantage over everyone else. This begs the question, what is the best keyboard size for gaming?

In this article, we’re going to go over what the best keyboard size for gaming is alongside why you should and should not go for a certain size.

What Keyboard Size is Best For Gaming?

As a quick primer, we’ll only be covering known available keyboard sizes. This is because most other keyboard sizes either do not offer mechanical gaming keyboards or are just very obscure and not thought about when it comes to gaming.


The 60% is considered niche in the keyboard world to this date. The small form factor and narrower width lead to great ergonomics compared to its larger brethren. Moreover, while the keyboard does lack the FN row and the arrow keys, most games tend to not use them at all.

However, for games that do, you can either opt for macros/binds or just use the INSERT key to access keys that you might need to utilize when gaming. I’m a huge fan of 60% keyboards simply because of how portable and lightweight they are.

This small form factor allows a gamer to easily adjust the keyboard to their comfort without worrying about the size of their desk or having their hands stretch out a bit too wide. A large board can offer for you to keep your mouse hand far away from your WASD hand, which can feel uncomfortable.

Also, popular streamer and gamer – Pewdiepie uses a 60% layout keyboard


  • Best ergonomics compared to any other size in this list
  • Fewer switches usually lead to a reduced cost when it comes to lubing and switch replacement
  • Reduces clutter on your desk


  • Compared to TKL and full-sized keyboards, there’s a distinct lack of choice and versatility, especially with first-party OEM brands
  • A lot of keys are missing which can be crucial for particular gaming titles


A 75% form factor nets you your usual alphanumeric keys but with the addendum of the arrow keys, a function row, and navigation keys as well. Compared to a 60% keyboard, it is slightly larger. But, it provides a lot of utility too.

As we’ve mentioned prior, there’s no inherent advantage to having more keys unless you play a game that specifically demands it. For us, MOBA players benefit the most from a 75% keyboard because of the FN row.

While you still won’t be able to pull off any complex macros anytime soon, it alleviates some of the stresses present when using a 60% keyboard in times when you need the extra keys. In terms of product choices, there are not a lot of keyboards out there that follow a 75% format. 


  • Introduces the complete FN (Function) row
  • Form factor still is fairly compact


  • Not a lot of 75% keyboards are available


The TKL is not meant to be compared with its smaller cousins we’ve just discussed. Instead, it’s meant to act as a smaller version of the full-sized keyboard. The keyboard exhibits the same form factor as a full-sized keyboard except for the fact that it misses out on a Numpad.

When it comes to gaming, the TKL shows no special privileges over the 75%. The only reason why you’d opt for a TKL is if you’ve found a particular TKL keyboard you like or need the extra keys for work-related tasks.

While TKLs were considered the gaming standard a few years ago, they’ve quickly dwindled down in pro play after the popularization of smaller form factors. In terms of ergonomics, a TKL isn’t that far off from a full-sized keyboard which can lead to some really uncomfortable positions.


  • Tons of TKL keyboards available in the market
  • A lot of keys available for macros


  • Almost takes up the same space as a full-sized keyboard


A full-sized keyboard isn’t the best choice for gaming unless you are someone who requires a Numpad for work as well. Besides that, it takes up a lot of space, is quite horrible for ergonomics and you won’t be able to find a lot of mechanical keyboards for gaming at this form factor.

This is primarily because full-sized keyboards are expensive to produce. And, having mechanical Numkeys for all intents and purposes, is a waste of utility. Therefore, I wouldn’t own a full-sized mechanical keyboard unless the Numpad is an absolute necessity.


  • Tons of TKL keyboards available in the market
  • A lot of keys available for macros


  • Almost takes up the same space as a full-sized keyboard

Verdict: Best Keyboard for Gaming

Best Overall75% 
Best for Ergonomics60%
Best for VersatilityTKL

Ultimately, the best keyboard for gaming is dependant on your needs. However, here’s our take on the best keyboard for gaming and which ones you should go for depending on what you actually need from a gaming keyboard.

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