Are Mechanical Keyboards Too Loud For The Office? 

Mechanical keyboards have become the go-to choice for an exceptional typing experience. However, their various shapes and sizes have given rise to misconceptions.

Contrary to popular belief, mechanical keyboards are not necessarily too loud for office use. In fact, a properly lubricated linear switch can be quieter than a membrane keyboard. The noise level depends on the type of switch you choose, ranging from extremely silent to quite loud.

To clarify further, we will discuss why mechanical keyboards can be loud, provide tips on reducing keyboard noise, and share our top picks for the best office-friendly mechanical keyboards.

The Reason For Loud Mechanical Keyboards?

While it’s true that mechanical keyboards are often associated with a “clickety clackety” sound, not all of them are loud. We personally use mechanical keyboards in our office, and they are nearly silent. The key factor that determines the noise level is the type of switch used. Different switches are designed for specific use cases, including those that require minimal noise.

By choosing switches with a reduced actuation point (travel time), you can enjoy a lighter and quieter typing experience. However, it’s important to note that some switches will always be louder than others.

Best Mechanical Switches For Offices(Quite Ones)

While listing down every keyboard that offers these switches will be quite redundant, we’ve done something better. We’ll be listing down every switch that is silent, linear, and is great for the office.

Zilent V2 Switches (Silent Tactile)

If you were using MX Browns and thought they were good, wait until you get the Zilent V2’s. They’re crisp, quieter than almost any mechanical keyboard, and, you can rest your fingers on them without accidentally activating them.

We found the switches great for longer typing sessions, they didn’t bottom out at all and the entire experience cushioned our fingers while also not leading them to be insanely muddy. We were honestly quite surprised with the overall experience they provided at the price.

Boba U4

When you think of tactile switches, you think of clicks and clacks. Fairly annoying, right? Well, not the Boba U4. It is one of the only switches in the list that is both silent and tactile – a deadly combination.

Compatible with almost every PCB including Outemu hot swaps, you’ll be enjoying minimal mushiness with added oomph to them once you lube these puppies up. Besides that, while we did feel the stock switches were a bit squeaky, we did end up getting used to the bumpiness by the end.

All in all, these definitely are the best tactile switches among the list. 

Gateron Silent Red

The Gateron Silent Reds are excellent switches. They are linear, budget-friendly, and feel quite smooth to type with. They have a lifespan of about 50 million keystrokes which means that they aren’t as durable as compared to their Cherry counterparts.

Generally, though, they’re a great pick for an inexpensive office mechanical keyboard.

Cherry MX Silent Red

The Cherry MX Silent Reds are the quietest switches on this list. In fact, they are so quiet that you’ll end up sacrificing a bit of smoothness for the insane noise reduction that follows. They also have rubber insulation to further reduce their noise profile.

From our personal experience, these switches work better when they are lubed. While that is true for almost any switch, it is especially true for the Cherry’s since they have a squeakier sound profile in some instances.

Is A Mechanical Keyboard In The Office Worth It?

Yes, a mechanical keyboard in the office is worth it because it reduces the strain on your fingers, increases your typing speed, and provides you with a more ergonomic typing experience.

While we may sound like massive mechanical keyboard fans (which we are, don’t get us wrong). That’s far from the tale. We’ve seen people not resort to mechanical keyboards just because they think they’re really loud. That’s far from it! As we’ve shown with the switches above, mechanical keyboards come in all shapes and sizes.

So, whether your office likes loud noises or not, there’s a mechanical keyboard with the perfect switches out there for you that’ll give you all the fun without any of the noise!

Can I Make My Loud Mechanical Keyboard Silent?

Yes, you can reduce the noise of your loud mechanical keyboard by modifying it. You can start off with your own stock switches and lube them. This helps in reducing the squeakiness that a keyboard may have to give you a fuller experience.

If you still aren’t satisfied and have a hot-swappable keyboard, then trying any of the switches from the list we mentioned above should rid you of all your woes. 

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