GMMK Full Size Keyboard Review

Full-sized keyboards still retain their relevancy even after the introduction of TKLs and 60%’s. After all, you might need to do some number-crunching or just like the security of having literally every key in existence on your keyboard.

To aid your need for a larger keyboard, Glorious’s GMMK Full Size Keyboard comes to your rescue. Featuring an ample amount of customization, the keyboard provides you with every opportunity in terms of modification.

Since I needed a full-size keyboard, I decided to pick the GMMK up in white. And here’s my honest review of the keyboard.

Best Gaming Keyboard Brand
GMMK - Full Sized Keyboard - Where To Buy It?
9.7/10 Our Score


Like all other Glorious products, the GMMK Full Size feels premium to hold. The weight of the keyboard coupled with the overall build quality gives it a grounded feel. Besides that, the keys themselves are doubleshot ABS. So, there’s a noticeable tinge of quality surrounding them too.

The overall chassis feels sturdy, and the keyboard, from any outlook, definitely looks and feels like a solid device. One comment I have though is the fact that the keycaps are absolute fingerprint magnets. And yes, I say that without being someone who eats food on their desk.

Regardless of how clean my hands are, the keyboard does attract fingerprints. Albeit, this might be further accentuated by the fact that the keyboard I’ve chosen is white in color.


Typing on the keyboard felt great, and with our Gateron Brown switches, the overall experience was quite silent but tactile at the same time. We’re going to be talking more about typing in our later sections, too!

Connectivity / Miscellaneous

Connectivity is where the GMMK really loses some points. While the included braided cable is nice, and the length is decent at about 6 ft, too, there’s no wireless connectivity. In essence, you don’t get a wireless adapter or Bluetooth. Moreover, the design feels particularly dated when you consider the fact that there is no USB-C either. Instead, my model came with a standard USB-A port. 

Not much to say about the keyboard here in terms of connectivity other than it is quite lackluster. For software, the keyboard brings a GMMK utility that is built specifically for these keyboards.

It is quite basic. But, it does get the job done. 

Unlike Razer’s Synapse, there’s no per-key RGB illumination customization, and neither can you adjust the lighting to match a particular game. Macros feel fleshed out enough, and the software itself wasn’t laggy or glitchy, nor did it consume a lot of resources. So, it is not anything to run home about. But, we’d certainly hope for better in future iterations. 

Sound Test

Our GMMK equipped with the Gateron Brown switches provided us with a tactile but relatively silent experience. The switches aren’t great for an office; let’s be clear here. But, it doesn’t go clickety-clack as compared to Gateron Red switches. 

In my opinion, I’d opt for these switches any day. They’re great for gaming, don’t bottom out immediately, and require enough actuation to provide a relatively enjoyable experience. But, the benefit of a customizable and hot-swappable keyboard is the fact that you can change your switches afterward with no cause for concern. 


SizeFull Size (100%)
Dimensions5.1 x 17.3 x 1.4 
Weight2.0 lbs
Polling Rate1000 Hz
Connectivity Type-A
Cable6 Ft Type-A Cable
Plate MaterialSteel
MCU Unknown
ColorsWhite, Black

What’s Inside The Box?          

whats inside gmmk keyboard box

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect inside the GMMK full-size keyboard:

  • 1x Glorious Gaming Keyboard
  • 1x Keycap Puller Tool (Located at the back of the keyboard)
  • 1x Switch Puller Tool
  • 1x Glorious ESC Keycap
  • 1x Braided 6 ft USB-A cable
  • 1x Manual Book


The GMMK Full Size comes in two configurations, a Prebuilt and the Barebones. With a prebuilt, you get a keyboard that’s ready to go straight out of the box. On the other hand, the barebones provides you with just the bare chassis to get started.

You’ll need to buy keycaps and switches separately to get the barebones up and running. So, depending on what you opt for, setting up might take a few minutes to up to a few hours.

If you opt to customize your keyboard, here’s all the options you can choose from:


The layout of your keyboard corresponds to how your keys are placed on your keyboard. Generally, most typists use the US (ANSI) layout. Here’s what you can opt for:

  • US (ANSI)
  • International (ISO)
    • French
    • Hungarian
    • Nordic
    • Spanish
    • Portugese
    • UK English
    • Swiss


If you opt for the barebones version, then, you’ll need to install your switches separately. Otherwise, here’s what you can pick right from the website:


  • Glorious Panda (Unlubed)
  • Glorious Panda (Lubed)
  • Glorious Lynx (Unlubed)
  • Glorious Lynx (Lubed)


  • Gateron Black
  • Gateron Blue
  • Gateron Brown
  • Gateron Clear
  • Gateron Green
  • Gateron Red


  • Kalih Black
  • Kalih Brown
  • Kalih Red
  • Kalih White
  • Kalih Brown
  • Kalih Copper
  • Kalih Silver
  • Kalih Purple


Here are the keycaps you can opt for with your GMMK full size:


  • Black
  • White

Aura (Pudding)

  • Black Aura V2
  • White Aura V2
  • Pixel Pink Aura V2


  • Black Ash
  • Arctic White
  • Nebula
  • Olive
  • Pastel
  • Rian Forest
  • Ocean

O Rings

You can also decide whether you want your keyboard dampened with O-Rings of the following specifications:

  • 40A
  • 70A

Pros & Cons

The GMMK full-size is a great keyboard. But, just like any other accessory, there are a few advantages and disadvantages of picking out this keyboard as compared to anything else in the market. 

  • Hot-Swapping: The GMMK comes in a hot-swappable configuration. In essence, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the amount of customization you can employ. You can change your switches and lube them. Or, completely change your keycaps to give your keyboard a distinct feel.
  • Options: While we’re talking about the full-size variant, the site also offers a compact  (60%) and TKL option if you are in the mood for those. All of them are made up of the same chassis and share the same material. The only difference is in weight. 
  • Great RGB: I don’t like RGB unless it is done in a classy manner. The GMMK isn’t over the top. The lighting is great, bright enough that it looks appealing while not being an eyesore.
  • No Wrist Rest: You can’t always place your keyboard on a table and expect it to be comfortable. Depending on the elevation and your typing position, a wrist rest may be necessary. Sadly, even at this relatively high price point, you don’t get a wrist rest.
  • Shoddy Software: Yes, GMMK’s software isn’t absolute bloatware. But, there are not a lot of features to be happy about, unlike Razer Synapse, which grants you a lot more customization. 
  • No Wireless Connectivity: Having no Bluetooth or wireless at all feels like a death sentence in the age of no wires. While this may not be very annoying if you keep the keyboard in the same place – if you don’t though, it limits your options. 
  • No USB Type C: It is quite annoying to keep carrying a USB 2 cable around just because you have a keyboard that doesn’t want to switch to a newer standard. Moreover, the cable isn’t detachable. So, if something damages it, you’ll need to resort to actual repairs to get it back up and running again.


The GMMK full size for better or for worse, is barebones in terms of features. Here’s what you get from the keyboard:

  • Hot-swappable: The GMMK full size, like the rest of the lineup, is completely hot-swappable. This allows you to change your switches at a whim. Do note though, you cannot use 5 pin MX switches. Instead, you’ll need to cut off the two extra stabilizers to line them up properly.
  • Full-size: With a full size keyboard, you gain access toal lthe keys you’d expect out of a keyboard, from the Numpad to PgUp, the FN row and directional arrows. 
  • ARGB: With the Glorious software, you can easily change your RGB lighting scheme and enjoy whatever color you end up…appreciating.
  • 1000 Hz Polling Rate: With the ability to capture more keys in a second, this is not really advantageous for a typist. But, for a gamer, the added polling rate really is helpful when it comes to MOBAs.

Who Is The GMMK Full Size Keyboard For?

The GMMK Full Size Keyboard is for someone who doesn’t want to shell out top dollar prices for the latest and greatest in keyboard tech. Its meant for someone who just likes the fact that their keyboard is hot-swappable with it also having a larger chassis.

If you are looking for a TKL or a 60% keyboard, there’s better brands like Keychron out there which produce products that have better value for money. This is because they have USB-C amongst many other advantages (including direct macOS switches and compatibility.)

But, here’s the shtick. There are not a lot of hot-swappable full-size keyboards out there. And, that puts the GMMK in a special position. While it may not be the best keyboard out there, it certainly is one of the best full-size keyboards out there.

So, for better or for worse, due to the lack of variety, if you want a hot-swappable, moddable keyboard that isn’t insanely expensive, there’s not much else you can go to except the GMMK. And, in my opinion, it isn’t that bad of a deal in the first place.

Is The GMMK Full Size Worth It?

Yes, the GMMK full size is worth it if you are an enthusiast or love having the ability to change your switches and modify your keyboard. I’ve purchased it myself because there’s simply no other mechanical keyboard in this chassis that’s both durable and reasonably priced. 

All in all, the GMMK is an excellent snag for anyone who wants a larger keyboard and the ability to change their switches at a whim. However, I do wish for more competition in the full-size segment to be propping up soon. 

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