Nuphy Air 75 Mechanical Keyboard Review

If you are looking for a compact, feature-rich, and highly usable keyboard to connect to your laptop and desktop or even tablet, Nuphy Air75 can end this search

 for you. It is a highly recommended product and is widely popular among techies due to its near-flawless design and functionality. It is termed best in features like

 Wireless connectivity, Low Profile, 75% ultra-slim mechanical keyboard. It is based on a compact TKL keyboard layout, where keys are squeezed in by eliminating extra spaces. Let’s explore and discuss more of the exciting features that this keyboard offers.

Top Ranked 75% Keyboard
Nuphy Air 75 - Where To Buy It?
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Nuphy Air75 is a 75% layout keyboard with 84 keys, with 3 connectivity modes supporting connection with up to 4 devices at the same time. This keyboard is very thoughtfully designed to enhance the look and user experience and is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. It comes with COAST-inspired keycaps, with options to add Twilight and Christmas-themed keycaps. The Nuphy Air75 supports N-Keyrollover, which lets you use it as fast as you can.

Product Details/Specs:

75% layout: It is a widely popular layout for professionals, as it is compact yet accommodates all the frequently needed keys. It is also preferred by gamers as it is a great space saver.

Premium Design: The keyboard is very beautifully designed and far ahead in aesthetics when compared to other keyboards in the slim 75% mechanical keyboards category. Also, there are new multimedia function icons designed for the keycaps eg a scissor icon is used for the screenshot function.

Durable Construction: The keyboard is built on a durable and fine Aluminum frame. It is built using the evolutionary aluminum alloy stamping process, which makes the mechanical switches invisible, adding to the overall design and appeal of the product. The process is much better than the conventional CNC machining process in maintaining a uniform body while keeping the overall weight under check. 

Ultra-thin Low profile: The keyboard is equipped with Gateron low profile switches and is only about 16mm at the thinnest portion, while it is only 21 mm at the thickest portion, which makes it highly ergonomic and portable. 

Thinnest PBT keycaps: To add to its low-profile design, this keyboard is equipped with the world’s first ultra-thin PBT keycaps. The ergonomically spherical keycap design is only 4.6 mm thick, which adds to the overall comfort of using this keyboard.

COAST Keycaps: The keycaps are made using an advanced dye-sublimation coloring technology, which makes the keycaps highly durable and long-lasting. The plastic quality is highly premium, which enhances the overall typing experience. These keycaps are known to maintain shine throughout a long period of time, making your keyboard always look new. COAST refers to the appealing color scheme of the keycaps, which depicts the daylight and twilight-colored keys on the seacoast. 

Switch Options: The keyboard comes in three Gateron switch options to choose from, Red, Blue, and Brown. All three of these are low-profile switches, which offer smaller travel distances and hence respond faster than the regular switches. 

  • Gateron Low-Profile Red: It is a linear switch without any feedback, and hence the smoothest option out of the available three switch types.
  • Gateron Low-Profile Blue: It offers click-style feedback and is the loudest of all three switch-type options.
  • Gateron Low-Profile Brown: This is a tactile switch, i.e., it offers a bump on registering the key press. It has a medium actuation force along with a lower travel distance.

Switches, Keycaps, Connectivity, Battery and Sound Test (Blue, Red, Brown)

Hot-swappable PCB: By default, it comes with a Gateron switch, but as it offers a hot-swapping option, hence you can change the switches from other manufacturers like Cherry MX and Kalih with ease. You just need to pull out the existing keys and replace them with the ones you prefer.

OS Compatibility and Dedicated Keys: The keyboard is compatible with iOS as well as windows and comes with respective dedicated keys. The dedicated keys included are Mac multimedia keys and screenshot keys for Mac. The keyboard comes with additional Alt and Windows keys for Windows OS. You can just replace these with the Mac keys present on the keyboard. It is compatible be used with Microsoft Surface Laptop 1/2/3, Surface Pro 4/5/6/7, and Surface Book 1/2.

Connectivity: The Nuphy Air75 offers the best in terms of connectivity with low latency 2.4G wireless connectivity and highly stable Bluetooth 5.0, along with a wired connectivity option using USB-C Cable. Also, it can be connected to 4 devices simultaneously. 

High Battery capacity: The keyboard boasts a 2500mAH battery. The keyboards with all metal frames decrease the effectiveness of Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity and drain out the battery faster. Hence, this keyboard they have used plastic elements in some portions to enhance the effectiveness of Bluetooth connection which prolongs the battery life. 

Customizable Light Effects and RGB: The keyboard let you choose from the 21 different pre-defined color effects using the RGB backlights. The effects can also be changed using certain key combinations. Other than these pre-defined effects, more effects can be created using NuPhy console software.

  • Sidelights: It has RGB LED indicators strategically placed towards the left and right edges so that they are not very distracting, and at the same time it makes the keyboard looks good. They can also be deactivated, and in that state, they blend well with the frame and don’t stand out odd. The left sidelight also depicts the mode of caps lock and connection, and the ride sidelight indicates the level of the battery.

Angle/Height Adjustment: The keyboard comes with two magnetic foot pads, using which you can easily adjust the angle of the keyboard to angle 3.5º or 6.5º. 

Laptop Dockability: The keyboard can be easily docked over most laptops with “—” footpads, also known as 2nd-generation AirFeet™. 

Mode Switching: The keyboard comes with two tactile sliding switches, one to switch between MAC and Windows, while the second slider lets you switch between wired and wireless modes.

What’s inside the box?

The box includes:

  • Air75 wireless mechanical keyboard
  • USB-C to USB-A cable of 1.5m
  • 2.4g WiFi receiver dongle
  • Keycap and switch puller
  • 2 Magnetic foot
  • 3 Extra Windows keycaps 
  • 3 Extra switches
  • Set of Nuphy branding and funky anime stickers
  • Product manual/quick guide

If purchased with NuFolio V2, you will get:

  • A protective keyboard case
  • It can be converted to tablet and phone holder

You can order with Extra COAST keycaps options:

  • Option 1 – Twilight – You will get Grey keys instead of white
  • Option 2- Xmas Edition – You will get Green, Red, and White keys

View this Unboxing Video:

Returns and Warranties:

  • 30 Days return policy
  • 1-year limited warranty

Pros and Cons of Nuphy Air75:

Every product has certain Pros and Cons attached to it. Let’s compare the ones for Nyphy Air75 with the competing products:

  • Thin and sleek 
  • Great design
  • Compact
  • Cross OS compatibility
  • Adjustable angle using detachable footpads
  • Multiple connectivity options – Wired, Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Supports multiple device connectivity to up to 4 devices
  • Hot-swappable PCB
  • Ultra-thin PBT keycaps
  • Long-lasting and durable keycaps
  • Optimized battery performance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Battery capacity seems to be a bit less compared to one of the other product
  • Lack of additional ports
  • RGB effects are not as visible as in other products
  • Keys remapping option is not available


Comparison: Nuphy Air 75 vs Keychron K3 vs RK Royal Kludge

Let us quickly compare the Nuphy Air 75 with Keychron K3 and Royal Kludge keyboards.

 Nuphy Air 75Keychron K3RK Royal Kludge
No. of Keys84 Keys
ConnectivityThree Modes: Bluetooth 5.0, Wireless 2.4G, WiredTwo Modes: Bluetooth 5.1, WiredThree Modes: Bluetooth 5.0, Wireless 2.4G, Wired
Device Connection4 Devices3 Devices3 Devices
Switch TypesGateron – Red/Blue/BrownGateron – Red/Blue/BrownTTC brown (3 and 5 pins compatible)
Hot Swappable


KeycapsPBT spherical keycapsPremium ABS materialPBT Keycaps
Battery Capacity2500 mAh1550mAh3750 mAh
RGB21 RGB Lighting Options18+ RGB Lighting Options21 RGB Lighting Options
Adjustment3.5º or 6.5º – magnetic foot pads6°- 9°angle – rubber feet8°angle – detachable foot pads
Thickness16mm – 21mm17mm – 24mm35mm
PortsNo additional portsType-C for wired mode2 built-in USB 2.0 ports


1 Type-C for wired mode

OS CompatibilityiOS and WindowsiOS and WindowsiOS and Windows

As we can see clearly from the above table that there is close competition between the above 3 products, where Nuphy Air 75 is most expensive out of these 3, owing to its better build quality and overall durability of keycaps, stabilizers, and frame. There are certain features where Royal Kludge is better like additional ports and battery capacity. While there are features like toggle switches and battery indicators in the Nuphy Air 75 which are not available in the other 2 keyboards.

Is Nuphy Air 75 – Worth It?

We found this product the absolute best overall in terms of functionality, design, quality, and compatibility, and due to its excellent performance, it is attracting a lot of limelight as well. Depending on your requirement and your budget, you can make a decision to buy this product or one of the other competing products mentioned above in the article. 

Whether you are an iOS user or a Windows user, you can easily add it to your work desk. It is considered a great keyboard for office work as well as gaming, as it comes with 3 switch options to choose from. You can purchase it with the extra COAST keys available in twilight and Xmas Limited edition themes. It also comes with an option to purchase it with Nufolio, which acts as a case and protects your keyboard while not in use. It can also be used to as a supporting stand to place your tablet or phone.


Nuphy Air 75 – Alternatives

There are certain products available in the Wireless 75% keyboard category, but there are not many products that can be termed as direct competitors. Two keyboards from Keychron are Keychron K2 and Keychron K3 which are available with Gateron Blue, Brown, and Red switches, making these low profile keyboards. The other alternate product is RK Royal Kludge which comes with TTC brown low-profile switches.

Can we use Cherry MX or switches on Nuphy Air 75?

Yes, as they both have 3 pins, and Cherry MX offers an even much lower actuation force, but still, Gateron ones are considered better on Nuphy Air, as it is designed to look and work better with Gateron switched. Kalih switches are 5 pins. Hence they cannot be installed. 

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