How Many Keys On a Keyboard?

Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes. Their sizes and different layouts are primarily based on the number of keys on the keyboard. But, contrary to popular belief, a different layout does not mean that there will be more or fewer keys. 

This begs the question, how many keys are on a typical keyboard? And what about different layouts?

How Many Keys in a Keyboard

Here’s a quick table that tells you exactly that:

Keyboard Size and LayoutNumber Of Keys
100% Keyboard103-104 Keys
1800 Compact Keyboard103-104 Keys
96% Keyboard103-104 Keys
TKL (80%) Keyboard87 Keys
75% Keyboard85 Keys
65% Keyboard66 Keys
60% Keyboard61 Keys
Numpad19 Keys

Want to know why exactly these keyboards have the number of keys they do? Read on, we’ll let you know! Plus, a quick take on Apple / Macbook keyboards and whether they have a differing keyboard layout. 

100% Keyboard

how many keys on a 100% keyboard

Full-size keyboards have 103-104 keys. They include navigation keys, modifier keys, numeric keypad, and special characters. They are basically used as the standard for every keyboard layout. They have the largest amount of keys out of any keyboard.

1800 Compact Keyboard

how many keys on a keyboard 1800compact

The 1800 Compact has exactly the same number of keys as the 100% keyboard at 104 keys. This is because the only difference between the compact and the 100% keyboard is the fact that the numeric keypad keys are right beside the directional arrow keys, which leads to a slight reduction in its footprint.

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96% Keyboard

how many keys on a keyboard - 96% keyboard

The 96% keyboard also has the same number of keys as the 1800 Compact and the 100% keyboard. The keyboard layout is basically a squished version of the Compact and the 100% keyboard with no spacing between the numeric keypad, directional keys and special characters.

TKL (80%) Keyboard

how many keys on a keyboard - 80% keyboard

There are 87 keys in a TKL (80% keyboard). Primarily meant for typists and the ocassional gamer, it gets rid of the numeric keypad and instead opts for a more compact layout with all the special characters, function keys, and GUI keys avaialble for use.

75% Keyboard

how many keys on a keyboard - 75% keyboard

A 75% keyboard has 85 keys. The keys that are removed are the Home and End keys. Besides that, you have the same layout as a TKL keyboard other than the fact that extra spacing is also removed as well to allow for a smaller, more compact footprint.

65% Keyboard

how many keys on a keyboard - 65% keyboard

You see the complete removal of the top row (FN keys) with the 65% keyboard. Moreover, there’s no numeric keypad, and the keyboard has a more squeezed-out layout. It has a total of 66 keys. Since it closely resembles the layout of the 60% and actually keeps the Pg DN / Pg UP keys (the least useful out of the keys that are removed), it is not really used much.

60% Keyboard

how many keys on a keyboard - 60% keyboard

The 60% keyboard has a total of 61 keys. It gets rid of the directional keys, PG DN / PG UP keys, and gets you down to the basics. So, therefore, you ultimately end up with the exact number of keys that most require.


how many keys on a numpad

You can’t count this much? Jokes aside, the Numpad has a total of 19 keys. Besides just the 9 numbers (and a 0), it also has the four basic arithmetic operators, an enter key, a delete key, and a backspace key alongside an Esc key.

How Many Keys Are On A Laptop?

A laptop can have a variety of keys depending on the size of the laptop itself. Generally, laptops have a 100% keyboard or an 80% keyboard. So, in essence, laptop keyboards go from 104 keys to 87 keys. 

How Many Keys Are On A Macbook?

The number of keys on a Macbook primarily depends on well, the Macbook you’ve purchased. Currently, there are three different types of Macbook keyboards you can purchase and use:

MacBook Air

Contrary to popular belief, the Macbook Air has a similar number of keys as the Macbook Pro. With no numeric keypad, it has a total of 78 keys. The only difference in keyboard size is that it has smaller FN keys. 

MacBook Pro

The Macbook row has a FN row but does not have a numeric keypad due to its size. Therefore, it has a row more of keys coming in at 78 keys total.

Magic Keyboard

The Apple Magic Keyboard with the numeric keypad is the largest keyboard offered by Apple. The total number of keys this keyboard has is 104. This is due to the extension of the numeric keypad.

iPad Magic Keyboard

Ah yes, the dreaded iPad Pro Magic Keyboard with no Escape key. This keyboard has a total of 66 keys. It has no FN row, misses out on the numeric keypad, has squished-in keys, and also doesn’t feel the need to include PG DN / PG UP keys either. 


Keyboards come in a variety of different sizes and layouts with different keys. But, as we’ve seen, a different layout does not really mean that you’ll have a different number of keys too. Generally, you’ll feel the most at-ease with 100%, 80%, and 60% keyboard layouts, depending on your use case. 

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