Why Do Some Gamers Tilt Their Keyboards?

You probably have noticed that some gamers tilt their keyboards to improve their gaming experience. Tilting the keyboard can help reduce strain on the wrist and allow for a more ergonomic position. Additionally, tilting the keyboard can help improve the visibility of the keys, making it easier to type and game. Makes you quicker and more accurate. Some gamers may also tilt their keyboards as a personal preference or as part of their gaming setup.

  • It creates a more ergonomic space where you can reach the left side of your keyboard faster
  • It creates more space on your desk as your keyboard shifts more diagonally 
  • Minimize stress on wrists and fingers as you’ll have access to the keys you use most

Will Tilting Your Keyboard Improve Your Gaming?

Tilting your keyboard can help you type and game more comfortably for longer periods of time, which may lead to better performance. Tilting the keyboard is a personal preference, and its impact on gaming will vary from person to person. It might not be the best for everyone. It is always recommended to try different setups and see which one works best for you.

A slight tilt is definitely worth a shot.

In any case, we do recommend you tilt your keyboard at a slight angle at least once to test the waters. This is especially applicable if you have smaller desk space and can’t seem to hit all your keys.


To summarize, tilting your keyboard brings the hands closer together while leaving enough space for your mouse so it doesn’t run into your own keyboard. It’s ergonomic. Makes you more accurate if your hands are aligned with your shoulders. Due to these reasons, Tenkeyless keyboards are very popular among gamers (60% keyboards are the most popular ones). Keyboards without the num pad bring your mouse and hand closer together. Which makes you more precise.

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