What Keyboard does Bugha use? 

The sole winner of the Fortnite World Cup, Kyle “Bugha” Gierdsdorf is known as one of the richest Fortnite players out there. With a net worth of $5 million, it is clear that Bugha certainly has the funds to get his dream keyboard (or two). This begs the question, what keyboard does Bugha use?

Bugha is currently using the Steel Series Apex Pro. He’s been using the keyboard since its release and we’ve not seen him switch from the keyboard at all.

In this article, we’re going to go over Bugha’s keyboard, why he’s chosen this particular one, and whether there are any intricacies in his choice of apparatus.

Bugha’s Current Keyboard: Apex Pro TKL

The Apex Pro TKL is honed as the best keyboard to play Fortnite with by many professional competitive players. It features a few key features that really help take your Fortnite edits to the next level.

But, before we move onto those, we’ll need to quickly understand, what exactly does a Fortnite player need from a keyboard? Well, simple. They need quick, agile switches that help them edit as fast as possible.

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In essence, they should be able to press down keys effortlessly and expect a nigh-instantaneous response with the switch ready for the next edit. Besides just that, the keyboard should be free from any input lag which can cause jitter in their movements completely messing up their overall build.

The Apex Pro TKL - Bugha Keyboard
  • Keycaps: PBT Doubleshot & Backlit
  • Switch Options: OmniPoint switches
  • Size: TKL
  • Hot Swappable?: No
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs
  • Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Color: Black

Dynamic Actuation

The Apex Pro TKL allows you to adjust its actuation point. In essence, you can tune the registration distance of your keyboards to as low as 0.1mm or move to firm presses of 3.8mm. With a dynamic OLED screen in the keyboard itself, you can also set up multiple profiles that immediately change the actuation point depending on what you are doing.

For instance, you may like firmer key presses when typing and will probably want the absolute softest presses to be registered when gaming. With the Apex Pro TKL, you’ll be able to do so quite easily.

Fastest Switches

The Apex Pro’s proprietary OmniPoint switches feature a response time of 0.7ms with an actuation point of 0.4mm. This makes them the fastest switches in the world. Compared to switches like the Speed Silver, which comes in at 6.0ms and 1.1mm respectively, the Apex Pro TKL runs circles around any other keyboard in terms of response time and input lag.

Bugha’s Sponsored Keyboard: Five Below Bugha Keyboard

Making Gaming More Affordable with Five Below | Bugha

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Bugha does not use the Five Below Bugha keyboard at all. While he is a sponsor and partner, the keyboard is not used in professional Fortnite tournaments.

The keyboard itself is great, it features RGB lighting, and has a few lighting modes. The keyboard is not mechanical and is instead a membrane keyboard. You won’t be getting your hands on a mechanical keyboard for $10. 

We do not recommend using this keyboard for Fortnite as it’s sloppy, it doesn’t feature clean edit speeds, and neither will it last very long considering mechanical keyboards aren’t known for their excellent switch durability.

Use this keyboard for what it is, a cheap entryway into the world of keyboards where you aren’t going to be spending hundreds of dollars on getting the best of the best. 

Is the Apex Pro TKL Worth It?

Yes, the Apex Pro TKL is definitely worth it. While it’s quite expensive, the keyboard does offer some impressive improvements over the rest of the competition in terms of response time and actuation. Because of this, it is known as one of the best gaming keyboards of all time and is used by a variety of professionals including Bugha.

So, if you aren’t bothered by the price and want to take your edits to the next level, the Apex Pro TKL is worth the investment.

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