Best Ultrawide Monitors According To Reddit Users

If you’ve ever checked out Reddit, you know those users love to debate stuff. Well, guess what? 

Today, we’re jumping into one of their discussions to uncover the absolute best ultra-wide monitors, according to Reddit users themselves. 

I’ve spent a good chunk of time going through the whole chat, and guess what? I’ve handpicked the monitors that got the most shout-outs. 

The cool part is that I won’t just repeat what users on Reddit said. Instead, I will tell you which monitors will be your best friends based on the features you are looking for. So buckle up, because we are about to dive into some perfect ultrawide monitors!

Quick Overview of the Best Ultrawide Monitor According To Reddit

If you’re short on time, you can check out this short list of the best ultrawide monitors, according to Reddit Users. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. 

So here they are: 

  1. SAMSUNG 49″ Odyssey G9
  2. The Alienware AW3423DW 
  3. Samsung Odyssey OLED G8
  4. Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ
  5. LG 38GN950
  6. Acer Predator X38
  7. LG 38WN95C

Best Ultrawide Monitors Recommended by Reddit Users

Here’s a complete discussion of my list of the best ultrawide monitors according to Reddit users: 

SAMSUNG 49″ Odyssey G9

one of the best ultrawide monitors - SAMSUNG 49" Odyssey G9

🛠️ Specification

  1. Screen size: 49-inch
  2. Panel technology: VA LCD
  3. Native resolution: 5120 x 1440
  4. Refresh rate: 240 Hz (175 Hz overclocked)
  5. Aspect ratio: 32:9
  6. Response time: 1ms GtG
  7. Connections: two HDMI 2.1 ports, one DP 1.4 port

First on our list is a Samsung monitor, a super ultrawide gaming monitor with extensive features. It’s the kind of display that, once you see it, there’s no returning to a regular screen.

So start talking about it. At first glance, it has a 49-inch screen and an expansive 32:9 aspect ratio. Its resolution is 5,120 by 1,440 pixels, paired with an impressive 1,000-nit brightness and VA panel technology. 

Many Reddit users strongly recommend the Samsung Odyssey G9 due to its ultrawide screen, stating that there is no better alternative.

reddit user recommends - SAMSUNG 49" Odyssey G9 as one of the best ultrawide monitors

Being a gaming monitor, it has a 240Hz refresh rate, supports FreeSync VRR technology, and offers G-SYNC compatibility for reduced screen tearing. Also, we see future-proofing with HDMI 2.1 inputs for next-gen gaming consoles or graphics cards.

One thing I noticed is that it has low input lag and a fast response time. But still, compared to other 240 Hz monitors, its response time seems slower. What do you think?

Along with response time, it delivers more in-depth and stunning picture quality in SDR and HDR modes. The experience has drastically improved.

another reddit user suggests SAMSUNG 49" Odyssey G9

Overall, the Odyssey G9 is a superb gaming monitor produced by Samsung. It has garnered significant attention due to its unique features and impressive specifications. 

It is the best ultrawide monitor on the market because it offers a gaming experience that is hard to match.

👍 Pros

  1. Immersive Super Ultrawide Display
  2. Stunning panel
  3. High Refresh Rate
  4. Low Input Lag and Fast Response Time
  5. Sharp curve display

👎 Cons

  1. Demands a robust graphics card
  2. Extreme expansive

The Alienware AW3423DW

The Alienware AW3423DW is one of the top ultrawide monitors

🛠️ Specification

  1. Screen size: 34-inch
  2. Panel technology: QD-OLED
  3. Native resolution: 3440×1440
  4. Refresh rate: 175Hz 
  5. Aspect ratio: 21:9
  6. Response time: 0.1 ms GtG
  7. Connections: 2x HDMI ports, 1x DisplayPort 1.4 port

The Alienware AW3423DW monitor is an excellent and stylish monitor with many impressive features that create a visually cool experience. This 34-inch widescreen monitor can be a solid pick for users who really love gaming.

Let’s see some of its specs. The Alienware 34-inch monitor has a native resolution of 3,440 by 1,440 pixels with a QD OLED panel and TrueBlack 400 certification. Its aspect ratio is 21:9, wider than the usual 16:9 aspect ratio on most monitors.

Along with that, it comes with a super fast 175 Hz refresh rate, which makes everything look smooth. Also, the monitor supports both G-SYNC and FreeSync, which eliminate screen tearing and stuttering for NVIDIA and AMD graphics card users.

It’s like a magic trick that makes sure the images in your games are really clear and don’t look jagged.

However, it has minor burn-in problems, which can lead to a big problem. On Reddit, many users complain about it.

reddit user recommends alienware aw34

In gaming, the intense experience often sparks discussions among Reddit users.

another reddit user recommends alienware aw34 monitor

Moreover, the monitor has a 0.1 ms response time, which is really near-instantaneous compared to others. That is why it has different levels of fluidity. 

Even with high-frame-rate signals, the AW3423DW maintains impressively low input lag, facilitating a direct and responsive connection between your inputs and on-screen actions.

Finally, the Dell Alienware AW3423DW is a top-quality gaming monitor for gamers as well as tech enthusiasts. Its high refresh rate, adaptive sync, impressive contrast, and innovative QD-OLED technology create an amazing visual experience. 

👍 Pros

  1. Superb picture quality in SDR and HDR
  2. Fast 0.1 ms response time
  3. High 175Hz refresh rate
  4. Innovative QD-OLED technology
  5. Great contrast and visual quality

👎 Cons

  1. Minor burn-in issues reported by some users
  2. Limited compatibility with certain older graphics cards

Samsung Odyssey OLED G8

Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 is widely recommend in reddit as one of top ultrawide monitors

🛠️ Specifications

  1. Screen size: 34-inch
  2. Panel technology: VA LCD
  3. Native resolution: 3440×1440
  4. Refresh rate: 175 Hz 
  5. Aspect ratio: 21:9
  6. Response time: 0.03 ms GtG
  7. Connections: 1x HDMI 2.1 port, 1x DisplayPort 1.4 port

This monitor is truly something special. It is best for those who want a moderately sized monitor with high-end specs that don’t take up much space. 

If we talk about the display, The monitor comes with a 34-inch screen with the same QD OLED panel that we see in the Alienware 34. The display shows a resolution of up to 3440 x 1440 with a mind-blowing 0.03 response rate. That feels quite fast.

Also, the monitor has an impressive refresh rate of 175 Hz and supports FreeSync and G-SYNC compatibility, which makes your gaming experience incredibly smooth and enjoyable.

I was astonished by how highly people regarded this monitor. You can see one of the comments, which says

one of reddit users talks about Samsung Odyssey OLED G8

One of the things I really appreciate is the curved screen; it adds a level of immersion that draws you into the game. It feels like you’re totally in the game. 

Moving on to the contrast ratio, the G8 really nails it. The deep, rich blacks it offers work wonders in darker gaming settings. Just keep in mind that in brighter environments, you might notice a slight purplish tint to the blacks.

Because of all of these amazing features, Reddit was flooded with suggestions for purchasing the Samsung G8 OLED. Many users shared their opinions about it while discussing its features, display, and panel type. 

All in all, I’d say the Samsung OLED G8 is an outstanding choice if you’re serious about performance and visual quality. So, the G8 is definitely worth considering.

👍 Pros

  1. Impressive QD OLED Display
  2. Curved Screen
  3. WQHD Ultrawide resolution
  4. Fast response time
  5. Smooth refresh rate

👎 Cons

  1. Expensive compared to other alternatives

Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ

Asus Ultrawide Gaming Monitor - ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQ 35

🛠️ Specification

  1. Screen size: 35-inch
  2. Panel technology: VA Panel
  3. Native resolution: 3440 x 1440 Pixels
  4. Refresh rate: 200 Hz
  5. Aspect ratio: 21:9
  6. Response time: 2ms (gtg) 
  7. Connections: 1x Displayport 1.4, 1x HDMI 2.0, 1x USB 3.0 type b, 2x USB 3.0 type a

No list would be complete without including an ASUS monitor, and this time it’s even more special because it’s been getting a ton of love from Reddit users!

So here we have the Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ, a 35-inch monitor rocking 2K ultrawide resolution (3440 x 1440) with an awesome 200 Hz refresh rate. 

The color representation is superb, and the brightness is going to be extra bright. This one also has an automatic brightness limiter, but it is very well-tuned. 

Now, the refresh rate is really impressive on this monitor, and I really have to admit that 200 Hz feels super smooth when you’re into competitive gaming. 

Along with that, you’re getting a 2 ms response rate, which is not very great but still better than most others.  

I’ve seen many comments made on this monitor; people were happy about the colors, refresh, and overall aesthetics.

reddit user recommends Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ for gaming

The monitor is no doubt awesome, but there are some minor drawbacks that keep it a little on the low side. Like its price and overall weight. Yeah! You need to carry it very carefully, as it’s going to be heavier than others. 

So overall, the monitor stands out among its competitors, but you may have to keep the weight, price, and port selection in mind before buying it.

👍 Pros

  1. Unparalleled gaming experience
  2. Outstanding color accuracy
  3. HDR compatibility
  4. Minimal input lag
  5. Ultra-smooth 200 Hz refresh rate

👎 Cons

  1. Hefty weight
  2. High price point
  3. Limited port selection

LG 38GN950

LG 38GN950

🛠️ Specification

  1. Screen size: 38-inch
  2. Panel technology: IPS
  3. Native resolution: 3840 x 1600
  4. Refresh rate: 144 Hz (160 Hz overclocked)
  5. Aspect ratio: 21:9
  6. Response time: 1ms GtG
  7. Connections: DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.0 ports

The LG 38GL950G is actually a pretty cool ultrawide monitor when it comes to HDR. It’s got that low input lag and a snappy response time, plus it’s all about that variable refresh rate magic to keep screen tearing at bay. 

Display-wise, the expansive 38-inch screen, coupled with a high resolution of 3840 x 1600 pixels, delivers an immersive experience and ample space for multitasking, rendering it equally suitable for work and media consumption. 

The monitor impresses with a wide color gamut and impressive peak brightness, enhancing its HDR capabilities for a satisfying visual experience. 

And you know what? It can show off a pretty wide range of colors. And the HDR peak brightness is quite decent. 

Next, the LG 38GN950 is equipped with AMD FreeSync and G-Sync, running smoothly at 144 Hz and even hitting 160 Hz with the overclock option. 

Plus, it’s got your back with HDR support and low frame-rate compensation. So don’t worry about anything.

In summary, the LG 38GN950-B emerges as a compelling choice in ultrawide gaming monitors, offering an array of features that are immersive for gaming and versatile for productivity. It’s really the best; however, you may have to deal with its high price tag. 

👍 Pros

  1. Superb gaming capabilities
  2. Swift refresh rate
  3. Gorgeous curved ultrawide display
  4. Rapid response time
  5. FreeSync support reaches 160Hz

👎 Cons

  1. High price tag
  2. DisplayPort 1.4 limitations

Acer Predator X38

Acer Predator X38 top gaming ultrawide monitor in reddit forum

🛠️ Specification

  1. Screen size: 37.5-inch
  2. Panel technology: IPS
  3. Native resolution: 3840 x 1600
  4. Refresh rate: 144 Hz (175Hz overclocked)
  5. Aspect ratio: 21:9
  6. Response time: 1ms GtG
  7. Connections: 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort 1.4

The Acer Predator X38 is a strong choice among ultrawide monitors. From its wide screen and color reproduction to its lightning-fast response time and the array of advanced features

With a combination of high-end specs, this monitor checks off numerous aspects for gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Let’s check its display first. The monitor has a 37.5-inch screen size and an immersive 21:9 aspect ratio. The 3840 x 1600 resolution ensures crisp visuals, making every detail pop on screen. But its brightness is average; most ultra-wide monitors have 500 to 1000 nits.

This means there is room for improvement in brightness. Furthermore, the DisplayHDR 400 certification enhances dynamic range and contrast, leading to a more lifelike visual experience.

With an IPS panel, the monitor presents vibrant colors. Boasting a 1 ms response time, the Predator X38 caters to competitive gaming while preserving IPS panels’ renowned color accuracy.

The monitor has a high-quality stand and speaker. And due to these reasons, users are buying it.

reddit users tells experience with Acer Predator X38

The curve is moderate; at 2300 R, it enhances immersion by gently wrapping the edges around you, pulling you into the action. Notably, the monitor supports both G-Sync and FreeSync, covering all essential features for an optimal gaming experience.

Moving to refresh rate, The default refresh rate of 144 Hz is already impressive, but you can overclock it to 175 Hz, to elevate your gaming experience. 

reddit user who bought Acer Predator X38

To sum it up, the Acer Predator X38 is undoubtedly a strong contender for the title of the best ultrawide gaming monitor available today, and it’s easy to see why. This monitor offers an unrivaled gaming experience that’s truly beyond comparison.

👍 Pros

  1. HDR Certification
  2. Dynamic Color Reproduction
  3. Fast Response Time
  4. Sharp Visuals

👎 Cons

  1. Premium Price
  2. Overclocking Trade-offs

LG 38WN95C

LG ultrawide monitor

🛠️ Specification

  1. Screen size: 38-inch
  2. Panel technology: IPS-Type LCD
  3. Native resolution: 3840 x 1600
  4. Refresh rate: 144 Hz (160 Hz overclocked)
  5. Aspect ratio: 21:9
  6. Response time: 1ms GtG
  7. Connections: DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.1 ports

As with all LG monitors, this one is pretty unique. So, If you’re in need of a monitor, the LG 38WN95C-W is quite the catch. It’s a high-end, widescreen monitor with impressive capabilities and features.

Starting with the display, this ultrawide, curved screen monitor with a 38-inch IPS panel truly catches the eye. 

A 3840 x 1600 resolution and 144 Hz refresh rate make it an impressive monitor. However, I think a bump to 175 or 165 Hz would’ve made it even sweeter, wouldn’t you agree?

With a 1 ms response time and support for AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and Nvidia G-Sync, the LG 38WN95C-W delivers super-smooth motion and gaming performance. 

The DisplayHDR 600 support is not the most high-end HDR implementation but can be considered adequate.

reddit user impressed by LG 38WN95C ultrawide monitor

Taking a closer look, the LG kicks off with an impressive default brightness of 437 nits and a black level of 0.44 nits. 

If you say about the numbers, It’s decent, but the slightly high black level can lead to darker shades lacking a touch of depth, even though vibrancy shines elsewhere.

Overall, The LG monitor presents an appealing display with solid features, color accuracy, and contrast suitable for mainstream tasks and gaming. 

However, its image quality may fall short for color-sensitive and demanding tasks, while larger, swifter widescreens are available at comparable prices.

👍 Pros

  1. Expansive Color Range
  2. Captivating Ultrawide Aesthetics
  3. Versatile Functionality for Work and Play
  4. Dependable Overall Visual Performance
  5. Fast 144 Hz Refresh Rate, Swift 1ms Response Time

👎 Cons

  1. Need improvement in the contrast range
  2. Disappointing HDR Selection

What’s the Difference Between A Normal and an Ultrawide Monitor?

The main differences between a normal and an ultrawide monitor are in their aspect ratios, screen dimensions, usage benefits, and cost.

Standard monitors have a 16:9 aspect ratio, while ultrawide monitors boast a 21:9 or wider aspect ratio, providing a much broader view. Also, Ultrawide monitors have a wider screen dimension, offering more horizontal space for tasks like multitasking.

The other difference we can conclude is that ultrawide monitors can be pricier due to their specialized design and larger size.

In essence, ultrawide monitors offer broader perspectives, better multitasking, and immersive gaming, but compatibility and cost considerations are factors to bear in mind

Why Should You Trust Our Reddit List?

All of these monitors were suggested by Reddit users, so you can trust this list. Their recommendation came from personal experience. 

Here are some further reasons that will help you trust our list. 

  1. Personal suggestions: The list includes personal suggestions from users on Reddit who have really experienced these monitors personally. Also, the list contains authentic photos of fan users.
  1. Quality Assurance Examination: Reddit users don’t actually praise the product for no reason. They always recommend products after thoroughly checking all aspects of them. You will get this type of accountability check in very few reviews.
  1. No sponsored content: Each monitor is selected due to its worthwhile features, not because of sponsorship. So we haven’t overpraised any monitors.
  1. Embracing Diverse Needs: Our list covers a wide range of user preferences and needs. Whether you’re a casual user or a seasoned professional, each recommendation is meticulously tailored to specific requirements.


Is It Worth Getting an Ultrawide Monitor?

Yes, it’s worth getting an ultrawide monitor if your usage patterns perfectly align with its benefits.
Ultrawide monitors provide a large enough screen, which is quite ideal for effortless multitasking. Also, It is a remarkable replacement for dual monitors.
In short, The wider field of view can enhance your enjoyment and engagement with visual content. 

Are Ultrawide Monitors Good for Gaming?

Yes, ultrawide monitors are good for gaming. They provide a wider field of view compared to traditional screens, enhancing the immersive gaming experience, especially in exploration or open-world games.
The Ultrawide monitors provide a wider aspect ratio to improve field views. With large screen space, games like Open Worlds provide a 2X more exciting experience.
Nowadays, ultrawide monitors come with gaming features, and companies really consider these aspects before making an ultrawide monitor. They have a high refresh rate, a fast response time, AMD FreeSync, and Nvidia G-Sync support. 
All of these features really elevate the gaming experience, but for online gaming, it’s best to go with a smaller display, around 27 inches. 

What Is the Disadvantage of an Ultrawide Monitor?

Ultrawide monitors bring various advantages but also present potential downsides:
Ultrawide monitors are pricier than standard ones due to their larger size and unique aspect ratio. 
Also, their higher resolution requires powerful GPUs for smooth performance, particularly in demanding applications.
Some older or niche games may not adapt well to ultrawide resolutions, leading to visual issues. While great for multitasking, they can lead to distractions if not used judiciously. Also, their size requires more desk space, which might not suit smaller setups.
In conclusion, ultrawide monitors offer substantial benefits but consider these drawbacks in relation to your requirements and setup.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, our journey through Reddit has uncovered some golden nuggets—a handpicked lineup of top-tier ultrawide monitors. These picks aren’t just random; they come from real users and our thorough evaluation. 

Our approach goes beyond Reddit chatter; we tailor suggestions to fit your needs like a glove. 

The Samsung Odyssey G9 brings the wow factor with its big screen and rapid refresh rate. 

The Alienware AW3423DW impresses with its QD OLED magic and quick refresh. The Asus ROG Swift PG35QV brings speed and innovation. 

So, whether you’re a gaming champ, work-play balancer, or enthusiastic pro, there’s a monitor here for you.


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