Apple Magic Keyboard Alternatives for MacBooks

The Apple Magic Keyboard is undoubtedly excellent, but there are times when it may not be the best fit for your Macbook. 

Today, I’ve compiled a list of alternatives that are suitable for various needs, including my top pick, a budget-friendly option, a gaming choice, a portable solution, and the best mechanical option available for MacBooks. 

Let’s dive into the detailed list of Apple Magic Keyboard alternatives for MacBooks.

Logitech MX Keys S Wireless Keyboard (My Favorite Pick)

Logitech MX Keys S Wireless Keyboard, best apple magic keyboard alternative
Image Credits: Amazon

  1. Brand: Logitech
  2. Layout: Full Size (100%)
  3. Hot-Swap: No
  4. Connectivity: Wireless

The Apple Magic keyboard is famous for its premiumness.

However, the Logitech MX Keys Full Size shines a bit brighter as a more comfortable, affordable, and efficient alternative to the Magic keyboard.

It’s my number one recommendation, and there’s a whole lot of reasons behind it. 

First is the sturdiness. It’s a very sturdy membrane keyboard. Something more sturdy than I thought it to be. 

Maybe this sturdiness is because of the aluminum on the front (similar to the Magic keyboard) and the keys, which are made of quality plastic. 

In my first impression, I noticed that the keyboard was solid, slim and not slippery—just as comfortable as the Magic keyboard. 

The low-profile keys and short key travel were okay and I appreciate the slightly scooped key design on the membrane version, which makes each key easy-to-hit. 

And that’s not all—you have the choice of four different colors, with white being my personal favorite because it really complements my setup. 

There’s nice backlighting there too, but no RGB, though. The glow is okay—not very bright—but does its job well in the dark. 

Note: Apart from this membrane keyboard, Logitech does offer a mechanical version of this keyboard. So, if someone likes to type on a mechanical keyboard, they can also pick that one. 

But if you’re transitioning from an Apple Magic keyboard, then this one will be just fine.

For extra features, I’ve seen that it has the intelligent function row and some other features like media controls, volume adjustments, a microphone mute, and even an emoji insert button. 

The best part is that you can easily customize these keys using the Logitech Options software.

Another great aspect of this keyboard is the ability to remap keys and assign them to launch specific applications.

And, of course, seamless switching between three paired devices using the keyboard’s own dedicated buttons is incredibly useful for users who work across multiple devices like a Mac, Windows or even a tablet. 

Now that this feature isn’t on the Apple Magic keyboard, this is something that can make me permanently switch from the Magic keyboard. 

And yeah! The pairing process is a breeze, and it works seamlessly over Bluetooth. 

Let’s now talk about the battery. It’s a big one that can go up to 30 days of working on a single charge if the backlights are off. 

And if we turn on the backlights, then Logitech claims it can go up to 10 days on a full charge, but as far as I’ve checked, it works only for a week.  

ASUS ROG Azoth 75% (Best Gaming choice)

ASUS ROG Azoth 75% (Best Gaming choice)
Image Credits: Amazon

  1. Brand: Asus
  2. Layout: Compact (75%)
  3. Hot-Swap: Yes
  4. Connectivity: Wireless and Wired (both)

Most gaming keyboards from big brands are somewhat similar, but the ROG Azoth in this case is pretty unique because it always pays attention to what gamers want. 

PC gamers know this keyboard well, and now it’s making waves among MacBook users.

For the unboxing part, opening an Asus product is always a unique experience, but what sets their boxes apart (for better or worse) are the unmistakable gaming stickers. 

Beyond that, the contents inside are geared towards the DIY crowd. Plus, you get a good-quality USB cable, and they even include a handy USB Type-C-to-A converter for the dongle.

After the box comes the keyboard itself, which has a 75% layout with a design made out of plastic at the base and aluminum on top. This combination gives it a substantial weight; like this thing, it feels a bit heavy. 

The keys on the Azoth keyboard are nothing short of outstanding. The keycaps are made exceptionally stable—no wobbling, no variability in keypress feedback. Just premiumness. 

For switches, it uses the ROG NX Red switches, which provide a featherlight trigger point, resulting in a linear feel without a distinct click for feedback. 

The addition of gaskets and damping materials further enhances the typing experience, making it one of the most stable-feeling mechanical keyboards available. Also, it is an N-key rollover with a 1000 hertz polling rate. 

In the upper right corner, there’s a slim OLED screen that serves multiple purposes. (Chief’s kiss). Nice for convenient volume adjustment and for displaying essential information like battery levels and connection status, making it effortless to check at a glance. 

For those who want customizations, the box has all the DIY stuff, just as I mentioned, like the key puller, switch puller and a lot of other things that might be useful for your customization.

As for the software side, the Armoury Crate utility allows users per-key custom lighting, macros, shortcuts, and OLED screen customization. 

The price here is quite steep, which is typical of Asus. But since we’re after the best alternatives for gaming, we’ve included it on our list of top options.

Logitech K380 (The Budget One)

Logitech K380
Image Credits: Amazon

  1. Brand: Logitech
  2. Layout: Compact (75%)
  3. Hot-Swap: No
  4. Connectivity: Wireless Only

Hmmm, another Logitech keyboard on the list. Let me tell you. This time, it’s more of a budget option. had to find something more afforable. And that’s how I met K380, kids.

Out of the box, I found the keyboard to be quite small and comfortable. It was made all out of plastic but it doesn’t feel cheap.

After putting it on my desk, I found the same scooped, low-profile keys, just as I saw on the MX keyboard. 

And this keyboard had the same low-profile scissor switches, just like in the Apple Magic keyboard. 

One notable absence on this keyboard is the angle adjustment feature. While all the keyboards on this list offer it, this particular keyboard lacks any height adjustment options. 

Next, my typing experience on this keyboard has been positive since I approached it. The keys were responsive and not very slippery. 

It’s true that it takes some time to adapt to the small circular keys. However, after a brief adjustment period, I became used to the unique key shape, and my typing pace returned. 

One thing that I really missed on this keyboard was the indicators, especially the Caps Lock indicator, which is missing on the keyboard.

This keyboard can connect to all Bluetooth-enabled devices with external keyboard support. This keyboard allows you to easily connect up to three different devices at the same time. 

And switching between devices is very snappy. You can pair it with up to three devices, even if they have different operating systems. With a simple tap, you can switch between them, making it easy to type, switch, and continue working across your devices. Comes in handy if you have your iPad on the desk and you are using it as a second screen.

This keyboard also lets you customize keys with key mappings and layouts for various operating systems like Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, and even Apple TV. 

One of the notable advantages of this keyboard is its worry-free battery life. With two pre-installed AAA alkaline batteries, it offers an impressive two-year battery life. Smart auto power-saving technology and an on/off button contribute to its longevity.

Keychron Q1 Pro Wireless (The Mechanical Contender)

Keychron Q1 Pro
Image Credits: Amazon

  1. Brand: Keychron
  2. Layout: Compact (75%)
  3. Hot-Swap: Yes
  4. Connectivity: Wireless and Wired

This Keychron keyboard is created for those of us desiring something more out of our typing experience. 

The Apple Magic keyboard sets a high bar for typing performance, and I set out to find a worthy challenger among mechanical keyboards that could deliver a similar typing experience. And that’s how I found Keychron Q1 Pro.  

It’s high-quality build with a 6063-grade aluminum body caught my eye. And in hand, the weight was also perfectly balanced, just under four pounds (1736 grams)

When it comes to the keycaps, the keyboard is equipped with KSA double-shot PBT keycaps, known for durability and a high-profile spherical angle design.

For switches, Keychron offers three options: K-Pro Red for a linear feel, Brown for a tactile experience, and Banana for a tactile feel with a shorter travel distance. All switches come with PCB mount stabilizers.

My version of the keyboard is equipped with an ARM Cortex M4 32-bit chip, offering a 1000 Hz polling rate in wired mode and a 90 Hz polling rate in wireless mode. 

Moreover, the keyboard houses a 4000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, providing up to 300 hours of working time without RGB and around 100 hours with RGB activated.

The keyboard also features a hot-swappable design, letting you customize the typing experience for each key without soldering. 

It also boasts a programmable knob that controls volume and mute functions by default, with RGB lighting control on the second layer.

And Yeah! There’s a unique RGB profile that heats up and cools down keys as they’re used intensively, creating an exciting lighting effect.

The keyboard is optimized for Mac users with dedicated multimedia and function keys, making it easy to control various aspects of your Mac without hassle.

Samsers Multi-Device Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard (The Foldable Alternative)

Samsers Multi-Device Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard
Image Credits: Amazon

  1. Brand: Samsers
  2. Layout: Compact (75%)
  3. Hot-Swap: No
  4. Connectivity: Wireless and Wired

I understand that many users choose a MacBook for its excellent portability, including myself.

And sometimes, during travel, it’s hard to make space for a separate keyboard. 

That’s where a foldable keyboard comes in handy. It’s incredibly compact and convenient, fitting right into your pocket while still providing full functionality.

Speaking of this keyboard, first off, it’s foldable with a 75% keyboard and a nice trackpad. This is a tri-fold model; there are some that provide a two-fold option. 

Overall, the build is made from ABS+PC material and keycaps are made of cheap quality plastic. 

I have to admit, while the typing experience on this foldable keyboard isn’t exceptional, it’s surprisingly better and more comfortable than expected. 

I’ve used it for my daily emails, and it performed quite nicely. Considering the affordable price and the intended purpose, I think it’s just okay for what it offers. (Or might be the best among all foldable keyboards.) 

Next is connectivity; the keyboard is connectable to three different devices, which can be your Android device, a Windows PC or even a Macbook. 

Whether you’re using Bluetooth or the 2.4G wireless receiver, seamless switching between devices without delay is a huge convenience.

There’s also a wired USB-C connection for those who want to make a wired connection with their Macbook.  

Moreover, there’s no backlight, no Hot-swapping, no extra feature in it. 

EPOMAKER Feker Alice Keyboard (The Ergonomic Best)

EPOMAKER Wireless Gaming Keyboard
Image Credits: Amazon

  1. Brand: Epomaker
  2. Layout: Compact (75%)
  3. Hot-Swap: Yes
  4. Connectivity: Wireless and Wired

The Epomaker Feker Alice is a wireless keyboard that boasts an ergonomic design, meeting the expectations of many users regarding what a keyboard should offer in terms of comfort and usability.

Now, when I had this keyboard, I used to feel like a total jerkoff while typing with it. I mean, my fingers and everything just didn’t feel right. However, after a few days, I found this design to be very, very addictive. 

And that’s how I understood all the buzz generated among keyboard enthusiasts about this design. 

Let’s get into the specs. First of all, it has a 65% split layout, half divided in to left and half in to right halves with a small gap between them. 

Although this look isn’t new, Epomaker makes it more cool with its black and yellow color.

And, unlike most other Alice layout boards on the market, this keyboard features keys with a more gradual curve. It gives you that natural angle you want for typing. 

I’m going to say that if you’re accustomed to this layout, you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Speaking of the key caps, they were made of thick PBT plastic—a very vibrant color and crisp legend that practically does not feel cheap. 

The inclusion of a volume knob in the keyboard is a nice bonus for people who really want easy access to their volume control. Having a knob on this entry price tag is pretty nice to see.

The RGB backlighting on the Feker Alice was a visual delight. With 21 different light effects, you can personalize the keyboard’s appearance to suit your mood and style.

Anyway, I took the keycaps off and there were Gateron Pro 2.0 yellow switches with feker panda switches in the spacebar, left shift, enter and backspace. 

I’m not really sure why Epomaker decided on going with these feker pandas in these stabilized keys. But it might be to create a distinct feel compared to the other keys.

Also, to overcome the annoying voice of mechanical switches, Feker has provided the keyboard’s sound-dampening components, like a silicon switch pad, silicone PCB foam, and bottom cotton foam. 

These layers enhance the keystrokes, resulting in an impressive typing sound and a premium typing experience.

Final Thoughts

That was pretty much everything you need to know about the list of Apple Magic keyboard alternatives. 

I’ve created this list with some factors in mind. Some of them were: 

  • Keyboard Type 
  • Key Switches 
  • Ergonomics 
  • Connectivity (Wired or Wireless)
  • Compatibility 
  • Layout 
  • Backlighting
  • Customization 
  • Build Quality

And on the basis of these factors, here’s my overall rating of the Apple Magic Keyboard Alternatives for Macbook.

Magic Keyboard AlternativesLayoutRating 
Logitech MX Keys Full Size100%4.8/5
Asus ROG Azoth75%4.5/5
Keychron Q1 Pro Wireless75%4.7/5
Epomaker Wireless 65%4.4/5
Logitech K38075%4.2/5
Samser Multi-Device Foldable75%3.6/5

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