About Us


I’m Ernests, since 2020, March my day to day has changed dramatically, I use to go to work every single day from 9:00 – 18:00, but the pandemic changed that and I started working from home just like many others. I know many people couldn’t imagine working from home each day, though it’s not going to be productive, deadlines won’t be met, but I believe the pandemic changed things for the better, so many companies are allowing their employees to work from home even though it seemed impossible a year or two ago.

When I started working from home all I had was a couch and a laptop, pretty far from the perfect working station. Obviously, I had to do a lot of research – what kind of desk do I need, do I need it even? Maybe should I get a standing desk? I did a lot of research and I figure why wouldn’t I share my experience, that might help some others that are trying to set up their own personal workplace at home.

Like I mentioned before I had a couch and a laptop to work from, now I have a full room dedicated to work – A desk, standing mat, balance board, desk pads, mousepads, keyboard, monitors, iPad, mouse, trackpads, iPad holders, laptops stands, monitors stands, speakers, headphones, headphone stands, coasts for coffee and drinks, desk lamp, speakers stands, etc.

So many things, right? Do you need them all? Do they make you more productive? Absolutely not, but some of these things absolutely make your day easier and make it more productive in a way and it makes you enjoy the things you do just a little bit more.

My goal

I’m here to share my experience when it came to set up my personal workspace at my home.

My fundamental goal: I’m not here to convince you to buy something, but I’m here to share some of the best products in a specific category that I absolutely loved and subjectively speaking are the best.

In the future, I would love to create a gallery of people’s workstations, where you can see each product and know where to find it. I believe a beautiful working desk inspires people, it certainly inspires me, a perfect monitor, a perfect keyboard, a perfect mouse, speakers, all these little things make you enjoy the work you do.

Am I objective?

I have seen a lot of comments that I should add this or that product because it’s better than that product and sometimes people are right, I do my best to keep the list updated, but these top lists are subjective, there is no science behind it. Overall, I’m trying to be objective and I’m not just adding products to the list to get a higher commission, but I added genuinely because I think they are great and worth having.

Do I receive commission?

Yes, for certain products I receive a commission. If you click on the product and you’re redirected to Amazon and you buy in the next 24-hours I’ll receive a small commission from that, so all the clicks and purchases are appreciated.